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High assurance signatures for your employees

The Entrust Remote Signing Service is a cloud-based turnkey solution that integrates with web and desktop applications that support digital signatures. It enables employees to securely generate identity-verified signatures on documents without the burden of managing digital certificates and signing keys locally.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a special type of electronic signature based on widely recognized PKI technology, which uses digital certificates and signing keys. Digital signing not only authenticates the signature by embedding the identity of the signer, but also helps prevent and flag document tampering.

Entrust can provide globally trusted certificates for digital signing, as well as European eIDAS Qualified Certificates to generate eIDAS Qualified Employee Signatures via the Entrust Remote Signing Service.

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From Paper to the Cloud

Download our white paper for a guide to the basics of electronic and digital signatures, how they’re different, the PKI technology behind digital signatures, how laws and regulations drive the use of digital signatures, and how local and remote signing methods are used.

Remote Signing Service Benefits

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Convenient and cost-effective

Sign from anywhere at any time, avoid travel expenses, and save paper – all while using proven technology and standards.

Workflow and application agnostic

We provide direct integration with document and signature management solutions.

No compromise on security

Digital signatures provide stronger security and assurance than basic electronic signatures.

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Trusted by Adobe

Entrust is part of the Adobe Approved Trust List. All our document signing certificates are natively trusted by Adobe Acrobat solutions.

EU Trust Mark
Aligned with EU eIDAS

Entrust is a European Qualified Trust Service Provider and can deliver eIDAS Qualified Certificates for Advanced Seals via the Signing Automation Service. Find Entrust in the EU Trust List.

Remote Signing Service Features

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Centralized Service

Delegate all employee-signing activities to a central service that fully integrates with your existing applications and workflows.

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Verified Employer and Employee Identities

Entrust verifies company and employee identities according to Adobe and WebTrust standards.

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Quick Deployment

The service is deployed in the cloud and accessible via the Remote Signing Protocol defined by the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC).

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Secure Signing Process

Only hash values are required for the signing process – the documents to sign never leave your environment.

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Every signature generated can also be timestamped with our RFC 3161- compliant timestamping service.

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Long-Term Validation

Leverage our Timestamping Authority and Online Certificate Status Protocol services to create LTV signatures and extend your signatures’ lifetimes.

How it Works


Once your account is set up and your employees are onboarded, they can start connecting the Entrust Remote Signing Service to their compatible web or desktop application.

When an employee triggers the signing process from the application, the Remote Signing Service is called to generate a "detached" digital signature from a hash value* that is calculated and sent by the application. This detached signature is then embedded back into the document by the application.

The diagram below illustrates a typical integration of the Remote Signing Service. It does not include the optional timestamping and OCSP flows.

Remote signing service architecture illustration

*A hash value is a fixed-length series of digits representing the content of your document. The Entrust Remote Signing Service never receives the content of your documents, which makes it a fast and secure signing process.

Remote Signing Service Resources

Remote Signing Service

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