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Secure, frictionless authentication

Identity Enterprise is an integrated IAM platform that supports a full suite of workforce, consumer, and citizen use cases. Ideally suited for high-assurance applications that require a Zero Trust approach for thousands or millions of users, Identity Enterprise can be deployed on-premises.

Entrust Identity Enterprise Benefits

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Realize a Zero Trust framework

Never trust, always verify. Protect your organization and user communities both inside and outside the perimeter.

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High assurance coverage

Secure workforce, consumer, and citizen identities with high assurance use case coverage including credential-based access, smart card issuance, and best-in-class MFA solutions.

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Adaptive authentication

Limit user friction with adaptive risk-based authentication, passwordless login, and cloud app federation.

High assurance security for your enterprise means a better experience for all

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Credential-based access

Option to use digital certificates (PKI) for a higher level of security when and where warranted, either with a physical smart card or a virtual smart card provisioned on an iOS or Android device. 
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Adaptive risk-based access and authentication

Get an added level of security when conditions warrant, like a user logging in for the first time from a new device, or an abnormal time of day, or from a different geolocation.
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Best-in-class MFA

Support for an unrivalled number of authenticators including OATH tokens, mobile push, mobile data signatures, and grid cards. 

Platform Features

From desktop login to privileged access, Entrust Identity Enterprise enables existing and future use cases for all users — including employees, partners, contractors, and consumers. Doing it all with one platform saves time and money.

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Credential-based access

Option to use digital certificates (PKI) for a higher level of security, with a physical or virtual smart card. 

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Third-party CA support

Direct integration with Entrust and Microsoft CAs, including key recovery. Identity Enterprise also supports the Entrust CA Gateway, so you can use the CA of your choice.

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Smart card and token issuance

Issue smart cards and tokens individually or in bulk with X.509 certificates or PIV containers, centrally with Print Module or authorized users can do this through their workstations.

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Best in class MFA

Support for an unrivalled number of authenticators.

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Access to cloud applications

Deploy Identity Enterprise’s Federation Module for federated and SSO applications, including Office 365 using SAML.

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Passwordless login

Credential-based passwordless workstation login. Passwordless options for consumers include using smartphone biometrics or FIDO tokens with BYODs.

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Identity proofing

Optional integration to support self-service consumer and citizen digital identity verification for fast, secure onboarding.

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Digital citizen identity

Option to improve the security and efficiency of government services with the ability to issue trusted citizen identities for border crossing, licensing, voting, and more.

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Secure portals

Secure access to customer and partner portals.

Cloud Deployment options

If and when you’re ready to look towards the cloud, you can move to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or another cloud provider via a cloud-based Virtual Machine (VM). Alternatively, we offer tools to quickly migrate all of your Identity Enterprise users and data to Identity as a Service when you are ready for the cloud.

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