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Flexible efficiency for your bureau

Datacard® standalone card delivery and envelope insertion systems provide flexibility in footprint and process by delivering citizen-specific communications along with an ID. Vigilant monitoring and auditing protocols ensure the right communications and the desired pieces of additional collateral are all inserted with the right card in the right envelope.

Central Government ID Card Issuance Resources

Central Government ID Card Issuance Case Studies

Superior Supplies and Services

First Data Corporation

Entrust Datacard has been great to work with. They helped us implement new equipment successfully, without impacting our business during the transition. And the results have been outstanding.
Bill Larson, Vice President Operations Output Services

Looking for instant ID card issuance?

Secure your citizens, students, or employees with the industry’s broadest range of desktop card printers, from high-speed systems that apply customized security laminates and personalize smart cards, to low-cost, low-volume models.