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Enabling instant identities. Delivering instant trust.

Instantly issue secure, durable, and beautiful ID cards for your business, organization, or school with the easy operation and proven performance of our ID issuance solutions.

Issue physical and mobile IDs with one secure platform, FREE for 60 days
Instant ID as a Service
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50+ years of trusted security. Issued in an instant.

Count on the highest degree of security for your deployment, hardware, software, and supplies. Through participation and leadership in over 20 industry associations and consortiums, Entrust influences the strict industry standards to which we adhere, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

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Receive a World of Support

Entrust’s global support system is unmatched in the industry. With sales, service, and support covering 150+ countries, we are standing by to fix any issue, anytime. Count on Entrust’s robust channel network as your one-stop partner, helping you manage your printers, software, and supplies.

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Unleash your growth

Gracefully evolve as your needs change with the most open ID issuance solution in the industry. Entrust’s platform integrates with most other identity access control systems.

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Innovate with Confidence

Be ready for the next wave of trends and technology. Entrust’s strong understanding of the ID card marketplace, helps us forecast what customers will want and need in the future.

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Virtual Credential Builder

Explore the world of ID card security features with our free interactive tool that lets you create virtual IDs by adding and removing security features and other elements.


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Instant ID Card Issuance Case Studies

Instant ID Card Issuance Resources

October 2020

Kraddick Foundation

Every year, about 50 families go on the Kraddick Foundation trip to Disney World, and with medical and foundation staff and the celebrities who entertain, it’s about 400-500 people total. That’s a lot of people to identify and keep track of (using the Entrust CD800™ card printer and IDCentre™ identification software). I knew we could help. This is what we do.

Charlia Pence, President of Diamond Business Services, Inc.
Simple + Secure + SmartIt all adds up to Sigma
The world’s most advanced ID card solution is in stock + ready to ship.