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Choose your S/MIME certificate solution

Before you submit your S/MIME request, please ensure you have:

  • The necessary domain registered to your organization
  • A business phone number that can be found through a third-party directory
  • Billing, technical, authorization, and corporate authority contact details
  • Business headquarters and incorporation information


Key Backup Restore
Validity Period
Individualized Validation Process

SMIME Personal

Manual (through export to P12 credentials)

30 Days
1-3 years
Class 1 Ownership of email address
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SMIME Enterprise

Automatic backup and restore with full key history

1-3 years
Class 2 Ownership of email address and identity assurance of organization and individual
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PSW Group

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Entrust SMIME personal certificates can now be ordered online through our partner, PSW GROUP. For more than 20 years, PSW GROUP has been one of the leading full-service providers for internet solutions with a special focus on internet security. They offer digital signatures, encryption, and authentication solutions for websites, email communication, software, and documents. PSW acts as a trusted adviser, helping customers navigate a broad portfolio of security technologies. Their dedicated team of technical and industry experts helps customers solve complex security issues through personalized support available in multiple languages.

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Secure your email at any scale

Entrust S/MIME Certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt your email and attachments, protecting individuals and organizations from email-based attacks and data breaches. An enterprise can maintain compliance with various privacy and security regulations. Entrust’s private key escrow capabilities mitigate against the loss or theft of private keys and reduce the risk of businesses paying high penalties/fines for non-compliance.

Entrust offers automation capabilities that enable enterprises with large numbers of employees to automate the deployment and manage the life cycle of S/MIME certificates.

Benefits of S/MIME Certificates

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Scalable Security and Compliance

Provide scalable, enterprise-wide email security, and comply with privacy and security regulations related to healthcare, government, financial, and more.

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Any Platform, Any Scale

Deploy S/MIME certificates to employee desktops and devices on any operating system within minutes, regardless of the number of users.

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Automated Efficiency

Automate S/MIME certificate deployment, configure set-and-forget renewals, and automatic backup/restore with full private-key-history and escrow.

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Entrust Secure Email Certificates offer:

  • Strongest level of security for electronic communications
  • Identity assurance for organizations or individuals
  • Digital signing that proves where the message originated and that it has not been tampered with in delivery
  • Encryption that ensures that the message is transmitted securely to the intended recipient


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Fully Automated One-Time Deployment

Centralized and decentralized one-time deployment gives network teams the ability to deploy on behalf of end users or enable a self-service end user model.

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Automatic Key History Backup, Restore, and Key Escrow

Ensure data decryption with a single request managed by your organization’s IT administrator. Whether it’s a forgotten password, destroyed private key, or a normal renewal process, you can always restore the full key history.

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Organization Validation

Entrust Secure Email Certificates for Enterprise confirm the name of the organization, the individual, and email address, to distinguish your emails from SPAM or phishing attacks.

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Certificate Revocation

Revoke employee digital IDs immediately upon departure to ensure they can no longer digitally sign as an employee.

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Directory Service Integration

Integrate and synchronize with Active Directory, LDAP, G-Suite Directory, and other popular directory services.

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Secure Deployment to Desktops and Personal Devices

Entrust provides enterprises and their employees with the flexibility they need to support across multiple devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

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Seamlessly Secure Email on all User Devices

Entrust provides integration points to major Mobile Device Management solutions which allows for delivery of keys and certificates to users’ mobile devices.

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Send Encrypted Large Files to Multiple Recipients from any Device

Simplify the user experience by enabling users to send large documents securely without the need for zip files or passwords.
Automated recipients’ certificate selection and built-in file compression enables users to securely share large files and send to any number of internal or external recipients.

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Complete Email Protection in Real Time and Retroactively

The Entrust S/MIME solution encrypts all organizational emails that were received or sent in the past, as well as future incoming or outgoing emails.

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Real-time Reporting and Monitoring

Avoid expired S/MIME certificates. The solution monitors and manages S/MIME certificates and prompts users to renew when their certificates are close to expiry.

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