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Card issuance solutions for your precise needs

Whether you’re expanding an existing operation, moving your program in-house, or launching your first high-volume operation, we configure highly efficient solutions to meet your requirements. Our card personalization and card delivery platforms reflect more than 50 years of industry leadership and offer a range of customer-driven enhancements that empower you in important new ways.

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Break from the crowd with flat card innovations

Consumers love the look and feel of unembossed cards. Empower your clients to exceed their cardholder’s expectations with flat cards featuring flexible designs and graphics that last.

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High-volume card mailing solutions

Entrust products streamline the way you deliver cards to customers. Innovations in vertical card placement, card carrier sorting, and envelope insertion solve your card delivery puzzle dynamically, efficiently and intelligently.

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Drive metrics that matter

Personalized debit and credit cards and customized card packages are proven to to attract and retain new clients. Help them wow new customers, retain existing cardholders, and increase card usage.

Why choose Entrust?

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Exceptional Serviceability

Affordable to maintain, our systems are designed to simplify maintenance and reduce spare part inventory.

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Be Ready for Change

Our platform modularity, robust R&D, and collaborative approach make our systems valuable in the face of change.

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Experience Innovation

Working with the majority of the world’s high-volume card issuers gives us insights into operational efficiencies.

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Trusted Security

Our automated features prevent data breaches and deliver exceptional quality in both cards and mailings.

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Protect your investment

Minimize financial risk and lower cost of ownership with our scalable and highly configurable systems.

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One Complete Solution

Seamlessly integrate card personalization with mailer delivery and increase customer engagement.


Superior Supplies and Services

Central Financial Card Issuance Case Studies


The Artista® VHD Module Gen 2 with the detection monitor has helped us standardize our process and has allowed our operators to be more proactive in catching potential issues.

Dennis Moore, Operations Support Manager

First Data Corporation

Entrust Datacard has been great to work with. They helped us implement new equipment successfully, without impacting our business during the transition. And the results have been outstanding.

Bill Larson, Vice President Operations Output Services

Branch Innovation

Our dual instant-branch and in-house central card issuance models were really a true savior from a servicing perspective. There can be a lot of uncertainty for cardholders when breaches happen, and we wanted to make sure our customers knew we were there for them.

Senior Vice President

Looking for instant financial card issuance?

Be your customer's hero — with instantly issued, fully activated cards. Customers want more time to spend with the people who matter most. You have the power to give them that, with instant card issuance from Entrust.