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A modern IAM portfolio

Today’s workforce needs to be able to work anywhere with secure access to any app – cloud or on-premises – from any device. Our identity-centric Zero Trust approach results in a more secure and productive workforce. 

Identity Portfolio

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Get high availability and large-scale capability MFA solutions with support for authenticators like FIDO tokens, mobile push, and grid cards.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

With SSO, workers have one set of credentials to securely access any app (cloud or on-premises), and IT teams can manage credentials securely and with ease. 
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The employee password is quite possibly the largest vulnerability facing IT departments today. Credential-based passwordless access transforms a worker’s phone into their trusted workplace identity. 
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High assurance access

Use digital certificates (PKI) for a higher level of security when and where warranted.

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Give workers one set of credentials to securely access any app (cloud or on-premises). 

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Passwordless access

Transform the worker’s phone into their trusted workplace identity. 

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High availability and large-scale capability MFA with support for an unrivalled number of authenticators. 

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Adaptive authentication

An added level of security when conditions warrant, like a worker logging in for the first time from a new device. 

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Identity proofing

Fully digital self-service identity verification for your workforce

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Self-service password resets

Users can securely reset their own passwords, meaning no downtime and no IT overhead. 

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Device reputation analysis

Check the reputation of the device being used to access corporate resources to prevent the compromise of otherwise valid credentials.

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Email signing and file encryption

Secure workplace communications from anywhere.

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Mobile SDK

Embed IAM directly into your workforce applications and brand as your own, if desired.

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Available out-of-the-box-integrations

Proven integrations including with all the major VPN vendors, SAML/OIDC, and APIs.

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Flexible deployment, broad capabilities

Entrust Identity can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a virtual appliance. Entrust also works with Managed Service Providers to deliver Entrust Identity as a managed service.
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A mobile-first approach

Entrust Identity approaches mobile with a unique layered model to establish trust in the device and user, before enabling access. It then applies adaptive step-up authentication to ensure this trust is maintained over time.

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