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Rethink the way government services are used, managed, protected, and delivered.

Our security and credential issuance portfolio offers digital and physical solutions to help forward-facing governments address today’s key security challenges, deliver on heightened citizen expectations, and realize digital transformation initiatives. This includes:

  • Protecting citizen privacy
  • Issuing secure digital and physical citizen credentials
  • Improving government service delivery
  • Realizing seamless secure borders
  • Modernizing immigration programs
  • Implementing enhanced cybersecurity measures
  • Securing complex border ecosystems
  • Enabling a secure productive workforce
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How to protect citizen privacy

Protect the integrity and authenticity of citizen data, while also making it accessible to authorized users.

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How to issue secure digital and physical citizen credentials

Issue highly secure national IDs and travel documents that protect against alteration, forgery, and fraud.

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How to improve government service delivery

Protect and streamline the delivery of a wide range of e-government programs — licensing, voting, taxation, healthcare, benefits, and more — with secure identity credentials.

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How to realize seamless and secure borders

Offer mobile identity verification and digital travel credentials for safe and seamless travel. Enable border systems to quickly process authorized travelers and detect potential threats.

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How to implement enhanced cybersecurity measures

Help protect your government and citizens from bad actors including nation state attacks. Adhere to increased government cybersecurity mandates.

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How to secure complex border ecosystems

Rely on a comprehensive, interoperable, and scalable ePassport trust infrastructure, validated by third-party testing.

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How to enable a secure, productive government workforce

Employ high assurance credential-based authentication with single sign-on. Comply with the U.S. federal government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program.

Take a holistic approach

Our secure technology solutions enable enrollment, issuance, and lifecycle management for national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and other physical and digital credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery, and alteration. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes remote identity verification, workflows, software and hardware systems, supplies, and professional services.

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