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Security at the heart of signing services

Strengthen your eIDAS-compliant signing services and create a Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) by integrating our Signature Activation Module (SAM)* and CC EAL 4+ and FIPS 140-2 L3-certified HSMs with your signing infrastructures.

*Estimated CC EAL 4+ certification completion: end of 2021

Entrust Signature Activation Module Benefits

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Role segregation

The Entrust SAM acts as a security intermediate between your signing application and the Cryptographic Module (HSM).

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Key and signature management

The Entrust SAM authorizes key generation, deletion, assignment of key pairs and signature generation in the HSM.

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Authenticity checking

The Entrust SAM is configured to only accept signature requests signed by whitelisted Authorization Servers.

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Security records

The Entrust SAM generates audit records for all security events involved in its operations.

How it Works

General Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the Entrust SAM and nShield Solo XC or Connect XC in the context of a Remote Signing Service. The implementation described can vary depending on the implementation requirements and existing infrastructure.
General Architecture Diagram

Entrust Signature Activation Module Resources

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