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An experience customers love

Offering customers anywhere-anytime onboarding increases engagement in your apps — and reduces abandonment rates. The biometrics and device information captured during the process are used to provide strong security moving forward. Every time the user wants to gain access or conduct a transaction, our solution verifies their identity and the reputation of the device being used.

Benefits of digital onboarding

Accelerate Onboarding

Integrating ID verification into your mobile experience enables features (like form autofill) that accelerate the application process.

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Increase Customer Growth Globally

Digital onboarding isn't just customer-preferred, it's cost-efficient at a fraction what what it costs to onboard a customer at a brick and mortar location.

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Secure Verification Without a Paper Trail

Digital onboarding authenticates the customer's ID with cloud-based AI, encrypting and storing the digital ID on the customer's mobile device - nowhere else.

Secure, frictionless onboarding

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