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Reliably verify the status of digital certificates

Verify the status of digital certificates reliably and with ease using OCSP or CRLs from one or multiple CAs. Our event system guarantees control over data and gives you access to an emergency mechanism that verifies the integrity of the information.


Maximum Security

Operate in compliance with CENT TS 419 261 and RFC 6960.

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Reliability and Control

Rest-assured with an event system that guarantees no information is lost.

Easy Integration

Customize workflows and incorporate new functions with ease.

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Efficiency for Large Infrastructures

Optimize certificate status updating and response efficiency.


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Store Information

Constantly maintain and monitor statuses of certificates generated by one or more CAs.

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Guarantee Non-Repudiation

Obtain digitally-signed responses with the specific date and status (valid, revoked, suspended or unknown) of the certificate.

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Customize Client Usage

Keep track of and limit each client’s use of the OCSP service by assigning service usage quota or time limits.

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Monitor the System

Generate event logs to monitor system status, security and to what extent corporate specifications are being met.

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