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Control your HSMs from anywhere

nShield HSMs often run in physically secure, lights-out data centers in locations far from the people who manage them. nShield Remote Administration lets you manage your HSMs – including adding applications, upgrading firmware, and checking status – wherever and whenever you choose. This means less travel to data centers, helping you cut costs and optimize your resources.

Beyond Security

nShield Remote Administration Benefits

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Cost Reduction

Eliminate visits to data centers for HSM management, saving time, money, and staff downtime.

Greater Flexibility

Administer your distantly located nShield HSMs from wherever you choose, 24/7.

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More Control

The remote presentation of nShield smart cards lets you upgrade firmware, check HSM status, run utilities, and more.

Tech Specs

nShield Remote Administration Compatibility and Prerequisites

  • nShield Solo PCIe and Connect HSMs
  • nShield Solo+, Solo XC, Connect+ and Connect XC with Security World software v12.40 and higher
  • Remote Administration Client software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X
  • nShield v12.00 and above software and 2.61.2 and above firmware.
  • Customer-supplied LAN or VPN and remote access solution.

Hypervisor Compatibility

The OVA can be installed on the following virtual platforms:

  • vSphere ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5
  • VMware Workstation 12, 14
  • VMware Fusion 10
  • Oracle VirtualBox 6.0

Hyper-V image can be installed on the following virtual platforms:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V, Azur

Remote Administration Kits

Remote Administration Kits contain the elements that enable Remote Administration on nShield HSMs. The kits contain one or more Trusted Verification Devices (TVDs) (secure USB-connected smart card readers), Remote Administration Cards (smart cards), and Remote Administration Client software and a license. Kits are sized and priced by tiers based on the number of HSMs in the estate.

FIPS certifications

Both the firmware supporting Remote Administration and the Remote Administration Cards are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified.

What our customers are saying...

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We have a long history together and we’re extremely comfortable continuing to rely on Entrust solutions for the core of our business. We have used Entrust HSMs for five years and they have always been exceptionally reliable. We’ve layered a lot of code on top of the HSM; it delivers the performance we need and has proven to be a rock-solid foundation.

Neal Harris, Security Engineering Manager, Square, Inc


As a global payment solutions and commerce enablement leader, Verifone’s strategy is to develop and deploy “best in class” payment solutions and services that meet or exceed global security standards and help our clients securely accept electronic payments across all channels of commerce. We selected Entrust HSMs to provide robust security, unmatched performance, and superior scalability across our payment security platforms…

Joe Majka, Chief Security Officer, Verifone


The Entrust nShield sales team provided excellent local and remote support during this evaluation period and was invaluable to the process. The excellent depth, breadth, and quality of the product documentation gave us confidence that the solution was well thought-out and supported.

Robert Fairlie-Cuninghame, QAI Technical Lead/Architect, Memjet


Entrust provided the expertise needed to design and implement a tailored, secure VoIP solution.

Marek Dutkiewicz, Polycom