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High-assurance workforce authentication

Entrust's passwordless solution creates a secure digital identity on the employee’s mobile phone using a PKI credential that is unlocked with biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. This ensures that the credential holder is, in fact, the credential owner, protecting workers’ digital identities and corporate assets. And, by replacing the password with a high-assurance passwordless solution, you are effectively blocking 80% of today’s attacks.

Infographic: Welcome to a Passwordless World

Here's how it works

There are no servers to manage or software to deploy. You simply use our cloud-based service to establish your policies and monitor activity on your networks.

Step One

Install a smart credential on an employee’s mobile device to create a secure digital workforce identity.

Step Two

The worker unlocks the device with biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to verify his or her identity.

Step Three

Once the worker is authenticated, Bluetooth® connectivity to his or her Mac or PC computer delivers passwordless single sign-on to all apps – cloud-based and on-premises – while in close proximity.

Step Four

When the worker walks away from their computer, he or she is logged out, or their workstation is locked, depending on the policy set by the worker’s organization.

Benefits of Passwordless Login

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Focused Security Expertise

Entrust was first to market with passwordless, you can be confident that we're deploying proven passwordless solutions that define best practices in authentication.

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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Our passwordless authentication capability works with the environment you have. You will save on the costs of resets, administration, and support.

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Flexible Deployment Options

With Entrust, you decide if you want a cloud-based or on-prem solution for high-assurance credential-based passwordless authentication.

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