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Document ownership and integrity, automated

Entrust Signing Automation Engine is an on-premises signing platform for Enterprises and Trust Services Providers, providing a complete range of web services for integrating digital signatures into applications. It is designed to centrally incorporate digital signature operations in accordance with the standards of ETSI CAdES, XAdES and PAdES.

Benefits of Entrust Signing Automation Engine

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Unattended, bulk signing integration

Signature generation and verification services can be accessed via web APIs, or using our Watched Folders module.

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Strong compliance and auditing capabilities

Audit logs are generated for any service access request and configuration changes.

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Centralized key and policy management

Acts as a centralized repository for certificates, keys, and policy management, allowing you to set signature profiles.

How it works


Signing Automation Engine incorporates functions that provide a set of security and trust mechanisms as services that can be used with different integration strategies:

  • SOAP/WS: Using the OASIS DSS standard as an access protocol for web services
  • REST/WS, SOAP/WS: Using the Entrust Signing Automation Engine integration gateway, which supports configuring traffic and data processing with an XML pipeline language
  • Java SDK: For easy integration of electronic signature services in native Java applications

The following diagram illustrates a typical integration of the Entrust Signing Automation Engine platform into your organization.


Entrust Signing Automation Server architecture

Entrust Signing Automation Engine Resources