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Managing workforce identities

Faced with multiple directories, a shortage of available IT resources, and heightened user expectations, more and more businesses are turning to MSPs to help with the administration of their cloud-based identity solution. As well, many organizations are precluded from taking advantage of public cloud-based identity solutions due to regulatory or corporate policy reasons, which an MSP-hosted solution readily resolves.

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Introducing Entrust IDaaS

Entrust Identity as a Service (IDaaS) provides best-in-class identity and access management (IAM) with support for an unrivalled number of authenticators and use cases. It's one portfolio for all of your enterprise customers' IAM needs.

Benefits of becoming an Entrust MSP

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is one of the fastest growing segments in cloud computing with a total market size of $7.3B and CAGR of 55%. As well, the trend to use MSPs for cloud-based authentication is clear with a recent Entrust survey revealing 35% of enterprises do this today.

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Regular recurring revenues

The beauty of SaaS-based models is a per user per month pricing scheme that quickly builds up a stable and recurring revenue stream, diversifying your risk.

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Customer retention

As evidenced by the staying power of Microsoft AD, identity services are sticky, providing you with an opportunity to build and maintain strong long term client relationships.

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Service opportunities

Most enterprises looking to simplify hybrid/multi-cloud environments are averse to a "rip and replace" approach. This translates to several potential high value service opportunities for you.

Entrust IDaaS Features for MSPs

Entrust’s IDaaS solution has been specifically designed to provide the flexibility and functionality that MSPs require.

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Host multiple clients on the same instance with clear data segregation.

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Configure multiple tiers of partners and clients with detailed usage and billing reporting.

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White label option

Brand as your own including the ability to customize colors, logos and emails for your customers.

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Pay-as-you-go pricing

No inventory required, and billing is based on the number of monthly users.

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Comprehensive API set

Web-based APIs enable easy integration to other apps and provide opportunities for automation.

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Easy to install and operate

Simple to setup and supports automation of common administrative tasks. 24x7 support, or provide your own support option.

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