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Extended trust for digital signatures

The Entrust Timestamping Authority is an on-premises timestamping solution designed to integrate easily and securely with your organization‘s control systems. The service is based on long-lived timestamping certificates, and is used to:

  • Guarantee the existence of a document or transaction from the exact date and time of the timestamp
  • Extend the validity of the digital signature(s) on the document or transaction to the remaining validity period of the long-lifespan timestamping certificate used


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The Entrust Timestamping Authority is aligned with the latest CEN standards and the ETSI standards for qualified timestamps in the eIDAS Regulation.

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Reliability and Control

The registration mechanism incorporates a data protection system and an emergency system that ensures logs cannot be lost.

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Performance and Scalability

The Entrust Timestamping Authority can be integrated in high availability architectures and guarantees the fastest-possible transactional response times.

Easy Integration

The system can be customized to incorporate new functions, connect to access-control systems, and access internal information systems.

How It Works


The following figure illustrates the general architecture of the Entrust Timestamping Authority and how it interrelates with the network components (under the IETF timestamp protocol).
The Entrust Timestamping Authority can operate with an HSM (network or internal) and requires access to a database and a network time source (e.g., via NTP).
diagram of timestamping architecture

Entrust Timestamping Authority Resources

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