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Appeal to a new generation of students

Generation Z students are tech-savvy, social multitaskers with short attention spans and high expectations. They’ve grown up in a world where they rate everything from online purchases to phone apps. You need to adapt your campus ID programs to ensure your university or college IDs appeal to students who value:

  • Mobile connectivity and multi-tasking
  • Authenticity and genuine experiences
  • Creativity, individuality and self-expression
  • Technology, apps, and social media
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Empower administrators

Card administrators need to a provide best-in-class college ID card experience for students and faculty —while working under tight budget constraints. We provide the right student ID card printer technology for your needs, including:

  • “One Card” solutions using mag stripe or contactless cards
  • Distributed issuance and printing for streamlined student orientation
  • High quality branding and printing flexibility
  • Secure ID solutions and access control
  • Budget management

One Card Enablement – The Key to Great Student Experiences

Meet and exceed the high expectations of Gen Z students with contactless One Card solutions that provide access to the dorms, library, fitness center, cafeteria, book store, campus events, and more. Issue ID cards with smart chips, magnetic stripes,or radio frequency that can be programmed and used to pay for meals, do laundry and enter secure facilities.

School ID Card Framework

Distributed enrollment and issuance of photo ID Cards for a streamlined orientation

Simplifying the issuance process and making it highly personalized are key to a best-in-class student ID card program. Our server-based software lets you capture student photos and demographic data anywhere on campus. It also allows you to print at multiple locations or batch print IDs at your convenience. This helps streamline the entire photo ID card process – and students will love that there are no long lines on orientation day.

How do student ID printers work?

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High-quality branding and unmatched flexibility

The flexibility of our card design software makes it easy to customize IDs for each student while maintaining your school’s brand guidelines. Our advanced card printing technologies allow you to deploy smart cards, RF cards, magnetic stripes and other machine-readable technologies, providing seamless integration with access control systems across your campus.

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Highly customizable

Create highly customizable ID cards that comply with your school’s branding standards.

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Reflect individuality

Provide Gen Z students with ID cards that reflect their individuality.

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Reinforce your brand

Reinforce your brand image with vibrant color and precision print quality.

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Save money

Save on ID issuance costs by producing long-lasting ID cards on demand from blank card stock.

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Technology rich

Issue cards that integrate seamlessly with access controls and other systems on your campus.

Understanding the Student Journey

Creating a five-star experience for card administrators

Entrust has more than 40 years of experience working with university card program administrators to develop innovative education ID solutions. We offer a range of student ID card printers to meet your specific cost, functionality and aesthetic goals, including highly reliable print engines that deliver best-in-class card quality and long-term reliability.

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Cost-saving modularity

The modular design of our software and printers allows you to add new features quickly and affordably.

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Tactile Images

Add innovative branding and enhanced security to your ID cards with our exclusive tactile impression feature.

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Rapid replacement

An available program ensures that your ID card operations remain productive.

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System-matched supplies

Easy-to-order printer supplies redesigned to extend card life and reduce reissuance costs.


We provide a complete education solution