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Be prepared for PSD2 compliance

Our digital security portfolio includes identity, certificate, and HSM solutions to help you comply with each of the primary pillars of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) regulation:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Transaction Risk Analysis
  • Dynamic Linking
  • App Hardening
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Protect consumers

With increased digital commerce comes the increased risk of fraud. We help you fight fraud and protect your customers with:

  • Identity proofing and multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Transaction monitoring and risk analysis with device reputation, adaptive authentication, and 3DS compliance for card-not-present transactions
  • Transaction signing and verification
  • RASP to harden mobile apps against dynamic and static attacks
  • HSMs for a strong root of trust
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Secure your organization

Protecting your data, infrastructure, and workforce is a top priority. Plus, the integrated nature of Open Banking across multiple payment service providers introduces added security risks. We help keep your organization safe with:

  • High assurance credential-based workforce authentication with Single Sign-on
  • Qualified website authentication certificates (QWACs) to create trusted connections, audit trails, and provable ownership
  • HSMs to protect your certificate issuing infrastructure
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Delight consumers

Complying with PSD2 need not contribute to customer friction and abandoned carts. Let us help you realize SCA and a first-rate customer experience with:

  • Identity proofing for digital self-service customer identity verification
  • Intelligent authenticators that deliver invisible security
  • Transaction signing with dynamic linking directly embedded into your mobile app
  • Adaptive risk-based authentication that provides step-up challenges only when conditions warrant

Digital security for digital commerce