Block Printing on fabric (4/17)

Tuesday, April, 17 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Instructor: Alexandra I

Block Printing


Have you ever wondered how those wonderful patterns come to adorn clothing in colorful India? There, artisans carve these patterns out of a very hard wood, called rosewood, that can withstand repeated use with little wear, yet a lot of detail. It takes years of training and hours of hard work to dye and pattern a bolt of cloth. Have you ever wanted to have a hand-patterned piece of clothing? Because, here at MakerPoint, we can do just that with the help of technology.

During this class students will create a pattern in Illustrator that will then be carved into blocks of wood with our Laguna laser engraver. While the wood is carved, students will mix their favorite colors in preparation for printing with those colors onto the piece of clothing they brought with them for the occasion. We recommend a cotton t-shirt, hoodie, tea towels, even denim. (Bring as many pieces of fabric as you would like to experiment on.) The inks we use are heat cured, so you will go home with a brand new article that you can show off to family and friends. 

Some computer knowledge required. Illustrator lesson included.




Please send and email to if you are still interested in taking the class. We'll let you now when we schedule another session.

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