We have screenprinting!

MakerPoint Studios Professional Screenprinting Room

OK, so maybe this news is a little old, but we didn't really officially state anything on our blog about us opening a whole new section in the shop.  We've cleaned out and painted a new screenprinting room for our members.  This is accessible for all membership levels including the studio pass!  We have a brand new Ryonet Riley Hopkins 4 color printing press with an exposure unit, dryer and a drying cabinet. The room can be made light safe for screen exposure and applying emulsion to the  screens.  It's a full professional setup that can turn out lots of shirts per day with up to 4 colors!

Members can use all of the equipment and just need to purchase screens and ink which we stock in the shop.  We also provide emulsion and all of the cleaning supplies for the screens.  Our staff is completely knowledgeable on the process and can help you to create your next screenprinted masterpiece here in North Idaho.

Screenprinting can be done on a variety of materials, not just shirts and clothing.  We've already used this on boxes, wood, fabric, paper, and a significant number of other materials.  We're teaching classes on using the new setup for both members and non-members.

We can't wait to see what members come up with next. Be sure to stop by the shop and check out the new room.