Shop Happenings 1.26.2016

Still Growing:  We've added 2 additional computer workstations loaded with all the software you need to handle your projects!  

What's been going on in the shop:
Member Tim using the CNC router to flatten a huge walnut slab for a dining table project.
Member Andrew making a replacement push rod for a 1947 something or another.
A CNC carved storm trooper helmet out of hardwood.  Have you seen the movie yet?!?!
CNC carved tire to be used for a fiberglass form destined for a roller coaster!
Laser cut safe for all your treasures.
Laser engraved bamboo fishing rod for a local company.
Sometimes things just need to be said.. on a shirt.  This was from our latest screen printing class.
A stack of maple delivered on lumber delivery day... destined for another dining table set.