Happy Pi Day 2016!

Well, it's 3/14... and we all know what that means?! Pi Day!  Ok, we realize that all of you might know what's so special about that, but Pi is more than just the ratio of a circle's circumference!

Did you know that the numbers in Pi never end and never has been proven to repeat?  Why is this weird?  It's because a circle is the definition of repetition.  Keeps going around and around and around and... well, you get it.

Pi is all around us.  A song embodies rythm and repetition, waves in a lake, radio waves, almost everything in the universe.  What can you think of that Pi could be used to calculate.  

Speaking of Pi... did you know that MakerPoint Studios has lots of prototyping boards like Raspberri Pi, Arduino and Particle for you to develop with?  We love to tinker and these boards are great for beginners to practice their first steps in programming, say a loop?