About Us

What is MakerPoint Studios?

MakerPoint Studios is a local membership based co op shop with the latest fabrication and build technologies. Membership is open to the public and businesses at varying levels of access.

How can I join?

We have membership options to choose from, and you can pick which one bests suits you. Stop by the shop to get a tour. Once you see the breadth of tools you'll have access to, you'll undertand why this is a big deal and the value. Membership Info

About Matt

Writing an about you section is tough, but since it's always a good idea to know who you are doing business with, here goes. I started building, fixing and customizing cars as an auto mechanic for almost 4 years. It was one of the best jobs I've had because it taught me the power of troubleshooting. Start with simple and move to the hard. Owning my own shop was a dream of mine at the time, but I ended up getting caught up in programming. It was a lot like working on car... the bigger and more beautiful, the more difficult it is to handle when something goes wrong.

I've been writing code for longer than I can remember and I'm an electronics tinkerer, RC enthusiast and all around nerd. I enjoy taking something and seeing what it can do by exploiting its capabilities to utilize the full potential. I've been in Sandpoint for almost 9 years now and frankly I would love to be here for a lot longer. This venture allows for the opportunity to take a small town atmosphere and bring in some of the bigger tech and fabrication to help others grow. A makerspace of this size will do well only if it has a good community and is backed by strong leadership. I feel strongly that we have much, if not all of that here in Sandpoint. Mike and I are going to work hard to make this a great space that is built around a sustainable business model. We look forward to seeing what our members can build and sharing our knowledge with the community.

I look forward to this new venture and can't wait build our new maker community!


About Mike

Mike has a passion for creativity, including creating his own line of blocks that have been featured on numerous sites and sold over 1500 units. The blocks are sustainable and made from scrap from fine lumber from other projects. He built his own home from the ground up using skills he had self taught and online resources. This included sourcing material from local sellers to build a unique yet functional and beautiful home. He has skills working with wood (construction, furniture and cabinetry), metal and concrete. His Computer Science degree from the College of Idaho has helped him to add logic to the creativity giving him a well rounded approach to most build situations.